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Typically, asset storage is one of the smallest charges within a yearly budget when compared to the costs associated with attending events over a year’s time (such as booth registration, travel expenses, shipping, services, etc.)


Each exhibit house has their own way of explaining, and sometimes combining, their charges. PRO Expo believes that our clients need to see all the individual charges associated with an event to be able to justify our services in the future. If you do not understand a charge, you can address that specific item directly.

Shipping can be one of the more variable costs associated with event management. PRO Expo uses partners experienced in trade show shipping and we evaluate each shipping situation to determine the best carrier and mode of transit for optimal savings. Since PRO Expo is centrally located in the U.S., our transit times are shorter than many of our competitors.

Your inventory is available online to view or order through the client portal that can be found on our T.E.A.M. website. Simply enter your code and password to enter the portal and select Order It. Please contact your Account Manager for detailed instructions on how to place orders.

You can view the progress of your orders and projects through the client portal that can be found on our T.E.A.M. website. Simply enter your code and password to enter the portal and select Job Overview. You may contact your Account Manager at any time for additional details about your orders and projects.


The client login button located on our website will not function on Apple iPads and iPhones. To access your portal from these devices, enter proexpoteam.com/clientcode in your preferred web browser and click enter. From there, you will be directed to the password page where you can enter your login password and enter your portal.

Show service coordination and I&D services may be selected when you place an online order for inventory. Simply select the button with the coordinating service during the checkout process. We will contact you regarding any questions or additional information we may need.

We utilize our own crew, Fusion Expo Services, whenever possible. We also have highly qualified partners around the country that may assist us when needed.

No! We never require a company-appointed supervisor to be on site. However, we will try and coordinate our team with your arrival to do a final walk through or provide any on-site assistance that may be needed prior to the opening of your event. We can also make accommodations for show runners during an event, or assistance prior to your departure at the end of the event.

Clients opt for rental solutions for a variety of reasons. We can provide several in-stock and custom exhibit solutions and accessories.

So do most of our clients! Please let us know if you are in need of additional services or have an odd request – we welcome them!

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