Case Study

Comprehensive Overhaul of a Point of Purchase (POP) Program

Client’s Background: A prominent client in the retail sector faced persistent operational challenges with their in-house Point of Purchase (POP) program. This program was critical in managing a diverse and extensive inventory of over 2,000 SKUs, including sample products, complete retail inventory systems, and various printed sales support materials.The primary goal was to revamp the POP program to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency without compromising service quality.

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The Challenge

Managed by two full-time and one part-time employees, the program was continually plagued by inefficiencies:

  • Inventory Mismanagement: Frequent errors in maintaining key inventory thresholds often led to missed reorders, causing stock shortages and impacting sales.
  • Ordering and Shipping Errors: Lack of a reliable tracking system resulted in mislabeled orders and lost shipments, leading to frequent rush orders and expensive overnight deliveries.
  • High Operational Costs: The financial burden of the existing setup was unsustainable, driven by high staffing costs and the frequent need for expedited shipping.

PRO Expo’s Strategic Approach

PRO Expo was brought in to comprehensively assess and overhaul the client’s Point of Purchase (POP) program logistics. Our analysis identified striking similarities between their needs and our proven trade show asset management system. Tasked with transforming the system, we applied our expertise to adapt these principles to a retail environment where shipments were non-returnable, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

Phase 1: Diagnostic Analysis

  • Initial Assessment: Conducted an exhaustive evaluation of the existing POP management practices to identify key pain points.
  • Inventory Audit: Performed a detailed inventory count to establish a baseline for accurate stock management. Phase 2: System Development and Implementation 

Phase 2: System Development and Implementation

  • Custom Inventory Management System (IMS): Developed a custom IMS with a user-friendly interface, designed specifically to handle the vast array of SKUs and integrate seamlessly with existing ordering systems.
  • Ordering System Overhaul: Introduced a sophisticated ordering system with enhanced tracking capabilities, leveraging technology from our exhibition asset management systems. This included an inbound and outbound shipping log to track every item accurately.
  • Real-time Monitoring and Alerts: Implemented a system of low-stock alerts and real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing for proactive management of inventory levels and orders. 

Phase 3: Rollout and Optimization

  • Training and Transition: Provided comprehensive training to all staff on the new systems to ensure a smooth transition and immediate adoption.
  • Process Streamlining: Refined the order processing workflow to minimize errors and enhance efficiency, incorporating feedback from key stakeholders.

Results and Impact

The transformation of the POP program under PRO Expo’s management led to immediate and measurable improvements:

  • Error Reduction: Achieved a zero-error rate across over 3,400 orders processed, significantly enhancing operational reliability.
  • Cost Savings: Substantial reductions in operational costs were realized through streamlined staffing and minimized need for rush orders and overnight shipments.
  • Client Satisfaction: Client satisfaction guarantee rating increased to 96% due to improved service delivery and system reliability.


The new inventory management system were designed to not only overcome their previous challenges, but also their future ones w as well.

  • Scalability: The new systems are designed to easily scale with the client’s growth, accommodating new SKUs and increased order volumes without a drop in performance.
  • Sustainability: Reduced environmental impact by minimizing the need for overnight shipping and optimizing logistics for regular delivery schedules.

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