Case Study

Elevating Trade Show Impact with Strategic Exhibit Solutions

Client’s Background: A software developer specializing in a mobile app for the construction and trades industry partnered with PRO Expo to enhance their trade show presence. Their app facilitates easy photo documentation and project management communication between users, vendors, and clients. Despite their innovative product, the company faced significant challenges in effectively showcasing their capabilities at trade shows due to limited booth space and complex logistics.


Exhibiting Challenges

The client’s existing in-line exhibits at trade shows were not effectively communicating their industry leadership. With a plan to transition to a larger 20’ x 20’ island exhibit, they faced numerous hurdles, including budget constraints, logistical complexities, and a lack of experience with larger exhibit spaces. The budget initially set for five shows would only suffice for the first two, prompting a need for a more cost-effective strategy.

The PRO Expo Solution

Strategic Planning and Implementation:

  • Comprehensive Needs Analysis: Held a full-day strategic session at the client’s headquarters in Omaha to dive deep into their trade show history and objectives.
  • Customized Rental Solutions: Developed a plan to use modular, rentable exhibit components that could be reconfigured between different booth sizes—20’ x 20’ island for the IRA International Roofers Expo and 10’ x 20’ in-line for the IBS 2024 International Builders in Las Vegas.
  • Budget Optimization: Through creative logistics management, we significantly cut costs by arranging for exhibit materials to remain at a local depot in Las Vegas between shows, saving thousands in transport fees.

Technology and Engagement Enhancements:

  • Interactive Displays: The client partnered with a touchscreen vendor to rent custom-built touchscreen kiosks that resemble an iPhone which were used to demonstrate the app’s functionality, enhancing visitor engagement and understanding.
  • AV and Tech Support: Our project management team collaborated closely with the client to provide rental solutions for all of the exhibits audiovisual components, ensuring impactful on-screen presentations during the shows.

Results and Impact

The strategic rental solution delivered outstanding results for the client:

  • Enhanced Engagement: The new booth designs facilitated more dynamic interactions with different levels of users and potential customers, increasing visibility and engagement.
  • Cost Efficiency: Strategic budget management allowed for more effective allocation of resources across various marketing activities, maximizing ROI.
  • Lead Generation: The client experienced a significant increase in lead generation, surpassing previous shows thanks to enhanced visibility and improved booth functionality.


Both trade shows were tremendously successful, leading to increased conversations with app developers for potential partnerships and an enhanced ability for the client’s team to convert leads into sales. Despite initial logistical challenges, such as unexpected changes in entrance accessibility, pre-show marketing efforts ensured high booth traffic. The client gained valuable insights into scaling their trade show efforts and has secured increased budget approval for future exhibitions.

Enhance Your Trade Show Success with PRO Expo

At PRO Expo Exhibits, we collaborate closely with our clients to understand their challenges and devise strategic solutions that meet their specific needs in trade show and event marketing. Are you looking to enhance your trade show presence or overcome logistical challenges? Contact PRO Expo today to discover how we can help elevate your event marketing strategy.

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