Case Study

Trade Show Transformation: T.E.A.M Powers Healthcare Leader’s Expansion

Client’s Background: A decade ago, a small healthcare services company began attending just a few trade shows annually, including 2-3 islands booth spaces and managed their lightweight portable exhibits through their in-house marketing team. This modest start rapidly evolved as the company was purchased by a large investment firm, which implemented an ambitious growth strategy, acquiring multiple firms to broaden their offerings from hospice services to blood transfusions services. This expansion transformed their trade show and event marketing from a fairly simple and streamlined operation with a single point of contact to a complex multi-level management team, attending an impressive 167 events in 2023 alone.

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The Challenge

With rapid expansion, maintaining a consistent brand image and synchronizing multi-level event strategies became increasingly challenging. The company faced difficulties in training multiple teams across various locations in efficient exhibit maintenance and logistics management. Missteps in these areas often resulted in costly errors such as rush orders for overnight shipping, missed discount deadlines, and incorrect service orders, significantly impacting the marketing budget.

PRO Expo Solution

PRO Expo’s Total Exhibit Asset Management (T.E.A.M.) Program provided a tailored solution to meet the client’s evolving needs. This included the storage, comprehensive logistics and order management for a variety of exhibits, from small table-tops to large island displays. A key element was the implementation of a custom online order portal and communication tool, which streamlined the client’s ordering process and allowed for efficient management of all events from a centralized platform in a centralized warehouse.

PRO Expo worked closely with the client’s VP of Marketing and Creative Director to integrate newly acquired companies smoothly under the umbrella brand, developing strategic brand transition plans with detailed implementation timelines and robust PR efforts.

Additionally, PRO Expo enhanced the client’s show selection and budgeting processes, developing multi-faceted engagement strategies for pre-show, at-show, and post-show activities. Regular planning sessions with their marketing teams ensured these strategies were executed efficiently, with post-show analyses to refine future tactics.

The Impactful Results

The collaboration with PRO Expo enabled the client to navigate the complexities of rapid growth and a vast increase in trade show participation. The integration of PRO Expo’s tools into the client’s workflow allowed for streamlined order processes and better inventory management, maintaining a professional brand image across all events and significantly reducing previous inefficiencies. As a result, the client successfully managed 167 events in a single year, a dramatic increase from their initial engagements.


Leveraging PRO Expo’s asset management program allowed the client’s team to focus on their core business objectives while ensuring a seamless and impactful trade show and event marketing strategy. This strategic partnership reinforced their position as a leading presence in the healthcare industry.

Maximize Event Marketing Impact with PRO Expo

If your organization faces similar challenges due to growth or an increasing number of trade shows and events, consider partnering with PRO Expo. Our experienced team can help you maintain brand consistency, streamline processes, implement effective engagement strategies, and train your teams on best practices, saving you time and money while maximizing the impact of your marketing efforts. Contact PRO Expo today to learn how our asset management program can transform your event marketing strategy.

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